Welcome to Abyss to the Road of Thoughts!

The road and gateway where I will showcase my different ideas and stories about life meaning, anything under the sun! My friends will also contribute some of their works and you are also welcome to share own too. Don’t be shy, you can always use a pseudonym if you wish to and of course Tagalog literary works and articles are most welcome!

Why let that thoughts, ideas and stories keep burning but hiding within you if you can share it freely to the world?

Whether a literary piece, daily experiences worth to share, quotes to ponder,topics about style and fashion trends, work, friendship and love, these are all welcome here! But please NO OFFENSIVE and FOUL topics and criticism.

Let us all build a site that is lovely and literary; light and happy; peaceful and friendly; fun and entertaining and above all, true with pure honesty.

Lovely writing and reading everyone!