Hello lovely readers and writers!

I’m Sarra, not Sarah nor Sara, a girl from the Philippines whose thoughts and ideas were often kept on my notebooks and social media inbox privately.

I’m an old soul who loves anything classic and is fond of time travelling over my past and present experiences and memories. I’m an observer; my mind always wonders and wanders most of the time. I love different kind of stories. I love music. I love to cook and is fascinated about fashion. I’m a constant dreamer and is very passionate about writing. I am weird but not strange; introvert but not anti-social; an aspiring writer, focused reader and a keen listener.

I really wanted to start doing this a long time ago (being able to share my writings publicly) but with lack of confidence that I can make this happen, that my stories are not worth to share and that my writing may not be acceptable as to the rules of grammar and literature it took me years to finally design my own blog site, type in the keyboard and share this to you now.

Why am I doing it now? It is simply because there are things I can’t continue hiding! It is like a burning sensation within my heart and soul that really wanted to come out. There is always an explainable happy feeling in conveying my ideas and thoughts through each words that I am writing and I want to share it now to everyone! I just wanted to keep going, keep on writing and feel relieved when I finally share a story to someone.

I wanted to be an inspiration to everyone who has passion in writing, wants to share their stories and ideas but are afraid due to external forces that keep them boxed in . I’m definitely not a pro and don’t know if I can call myself a writer now but I am hoping someday I can and will be. I believe that everybody has their own story to tell, they just need courage to take a step forward and share it to the world.

Again, I am only an “aspiring one” so please forgive me if I commit and will commit mistakes specially in grammar. For me, the most important thing is that I always write from my heart. -S.J.R.

“I took the one less traveled by and that has made all the difference.”

-Robert Frost