Do not call me when you are lonely

And there is no one else to talk to.
Do not try to reach out,
When you two are having a cold heart.
Do not long for me,
When it is cold and you need to get warm.
Do not remember me,
When you are trying to forget her and you can’t accept her lies.
Do not say sorry,
Only when you are trying to heal your heart.
Do not miss me either, I don’t need any of that.
I don’t deserve you.
You don’t deserve me and my forgiving heart.
 I don’t want a pointless conversation,
A story of admitting lies.
I don’t deserve your uncertainty nor your troubled heart.
You can keep your sorry since the damages had been done.
I can’t extend a hand and lit a fire back in your heart.
My heart has been cold too and I’m reserving all my warmth
To give it to someone who will love me and will never leave me behind.