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Do not call me when you are lonely And there is no one else to talk to. Do not try to reach out, When you two are having a cold heart. Do not long for me, When it is cold... Continue Reading →



Singing cicadas flee As the old man reaps the grasses without sympathy. Will they ever find a home where they can sing freely Or will they stay as nomad whose music will soon be agony? -S.J.R.     via Daily Prompt:... Continue Reading →

The Base of Our Shadows

Not long ago We build a base Of our shadows; Kept our secrets sealed, Our name engraved in it like tattoo. Such a relief. Trust is what in the middle lies, With no doubts in between the gaps. No space... Continue Reading →

Cold Heart

  Clouds cover the sky; Like the weather that is cold His heart turned to ice.    -S.J.R.

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